Tattoo Beforecare & Aftercare

Tattoo Before & Aftercare

A tattoo is not just a piece of art, it becomes a part of you. In some cases, your feelings towards your new tattoo might change over time, most likely you're going to be thrilled about your new tattoo, and that means your aftercare is going to be really important. 


Practice Tattoo Beforecare

If you are thinking that getting a new tattoo doesn't require some care before actually getting, you might need to reconsider it. To get a tattoo, you definitely must be ready to take care of it. To do so, you need to be cleansing, moisturizing, and steadily protecting your skin from the sun’s rays. TattooRX is a great product for your aftercare once your tattoo is healed.

Always make sure to do your research about the place you choose to get  your tattoo at. Remember it's your skin the one you're about to mark. To prevent any infections, always look for a place that is hygienic and clean. Make sure the artist explains the process to you so that you can be confident you are making the right choice.

Think Like a Vampire
For the most part, people like to get their tattoo before the summer begins, and show them off during the summer. Sadly tattoos don't do well under the sunlight rays. The best advice is to keep away as much as possible from the sun by covering it as best you can if you go outside. Remember this ink is with you for life, you will have plenty of time to show it off. Tattoo RX also has natural sunscreen properties that will help you take care of your ink and your skin.

Tattoo balm

Keep Your Tattoo Clean

Swimming might not be the best idea when it comes down to your new tattoo, blame all the chemicals and running water for this. But don't worry taking a quick shower is acceptable (and encouraged). Be sure to keep away from the running water. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing, use a mild soap and gently apply to maintain your tattoo clean.

Wear Loose Clothing

Wearing tight clothes could get uncomfortable after getting new ink since the skin becomes very delicate. As such, it's best if you don't wear tight clothing around the tattoo.

Clothes have direct contact with your skin and you don't want to create friction between your recently applied tattoo and your clothes. This will not only damage it and make the healing process slower but can also cause skin sensibility and uncomfortable sensations.

Consider Dry Healing

A tattoo is not just a scribble on a part of your body. It's a wounded mark on your body forever.  There are a few methods when it comes to healing a tattoo.

One of them would be the “wet” healing, which involves the application of “wet” medicines and ointments; or the “dry” healing, which is more hands off and natural. All you need for the dry healing is water. Apply it gently and let it dry.

It will start scabbing within the next three days. Hold out your desire to pick the scab, it must be left to fall off by itself.

 Best Natural Tattoo Aftercare

Your tattoo should be healing within the next three weeks. Whenever you need some extra moisturizing on your tattoo, just apply some balm. Tattoos seem to get a little bit dry over time. Once your tattoo heals you will be ready to use TattooRX, our balm contains shea butter, cocoa and virgin coconut oil which helps your tattoo stay healthy, vibrant, moisturized and in the best health possible.

We promise you will love it.

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