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Why choose Tattoo RX®

For your ink

Whether your tattoo is newly healed or you've had it for many years TattooRX® will refresh, supercharge, brighten & preserve the colors and contrast of your ink.

Melt TattooRX® between your fingers, apply a small amount and watch your tattoos POP instantly and look like new again.

For your skin

Never oily or greasy, TattooRX® gives you a smooth satin finish with moisturizing properties and a protective barrier, your skin will love it as much as your ink.

For you.

Wake up.

Brush your teeth.

Apply TattooRX®.... and go!

With natural UV protection, completely vegan ingredients and small batch poured right here in the USA, we are sure you will love TattooRX®

See and feel the difference.

Supercharge your tattoos by making the colors more vibrant, intense and with a deeper contrast.

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The best ingredients

Tattoos are high value personal treasures which is why we use only the highest quality, natural ingredients so you can be assured that you have the best product for your tattoos and your skin.

What are they saying about us?

I love TattooRX®, for it is smooth and has a creamy application to my tattoos. I notice that when I apply it, it makes my tats look more vibrant and youthful as if they were freshly done.

Quintin Williams, Fashion Designer

I love TattooRX®!

It makes my tattoos look fresh and gives my skin a nice shine. The ingredients are super clean which is important to me, there is nothing comparable out there in my opinion.

Bri Beats, DJ & Music Producer

I love this product. It really brings out the definition of my tattoos and at the same time it is moisturizing and feels absolutely delicious on my skin. A little bit goes a long way so a jar will last you.

Rose, Practice Administrator