About us

Tattoo RX® was created out of a deep desire to find a quality product that actually did what it said it would do and so started the long search by our founder Shayla. Having fair skin she embarked on a quest to find a great product for her skin.

Looking for natural, organic, cruelty free and high quality products that helped was not an easy task... After years of searching, she decided if no one was doing it, she should do it herself. As such she researched ingredients, manufacturing techniques and more.

It never feels greasy or heavy and it makes tattoos look better than new.

An instant hit, soon friends and family were asking for the product.

And now after 10+ years on the market as an underground product you don't have to know somebody to get your own jar of Tattoo RX®


Be a part of the Tattoo RX® family.

We promise you will love it.